Kizuna AI Around the World Credits

#01 Coliseum - Rome, Italy

Photo by Frédéric Prochasson.

Pose by Naoko Hirata.

#02 Shanghai, China

Photo by Dowell.

Pose by Freya-Vhal.

#03 Keisersgracht Canal - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Photo by Massimo Catarinella.

Pose by Naoko Hirata.

#04 Maldives Islands

Photo by Lifestyle Travel Photo.

Towel model by Lawlietluv12.

Pose by Naoko Hirata.

#05 Banff National Park - Alberta, Canada

Photo by Mike Mezeul.

Pose by Naoko Hirata.

#06 Taj Mahal - Agra, India

Photo by Joel Godwin.

Pose by Terainbowllama.

#07 Parthenon - Athens, Greece

Photo by Milos Bicanski.

Pose by Naoko Hirata.

#08 Westminster Bridge - London, United Kingdom

Photo by Sylvain Sonnet.

Pose by AochiYoruneko.

#09 St. Basil's Cathedral - Moscow, Russia

Photo by dimbar 76.

Ushanka Hat by Wampa842. Edited By Naoko Hirata.

Pose by Naoko Hirata.

#10 Louvre Museum - Paris, France

Photo by Accenture.

Pose by Tehrainbowllama.

#11 Niterói Museum - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Photo by Viator.

Pose by Naoko Hirata.

#12 Machu Picchu - Cuzco, Peru.

Photo by Percy Hurtado.

Pose by Iferaa.

#13 Fiordland National Park - Te Anau, New Zealand

Photo by B Studio.

Pose by AochiYoruneko.

#14 Jungfraujoch Ice Palace - Grindelwald, Switzerland

Photo by The Evan.

Jacket by Yanakek.

#15 Plitvice Lakes National Park - Plitvice, Croatia

Photo by Michal Bednarek.

Pose by Freya-Vhal.

#16 Victoria Falls - Livingstone, Zambia

Photo by Mark Caunt.

Pose by Freya-Vhal.

#17 Chefchaouen, Morocco

Photo by Mars0hod.

Pose by Freya-Vhal.

#18 Port Campbell National Park - Victoria, Australia

Photo by Dietmar Rabich.

Pose by Freya-Vhal.

#19 Borobudur Temple - Java, Indonesia

Photo by Merabet Hichem.

Pose by Iferaa.

#20 Angel Oak Tree - South Carolina, United States

Photo by DieterMeyri.

Pose by Freya-Vhal.

#21 Torres del Paine - Magallanes, Chile

#22 Tulum Archeological Site - Quintana Roo, Mexico

Photo by DC_Aperture.

Pose by Freya-Vhal.

#23 Denali National Park - Alaska

#24 Los Glaciares National Park - Santa Cruz, Argentina

Photo by Lonely Planet.

Pose by Freya-Vhal.

#25 Karnak - Luxor, Egypt

Photo by Flee Winter.

Pose by Freya-Vhal.

#26 Charles Bridge - Prague, Czechia

Photo by Herbert Meyrl.

Pose by Freya-Vhal.

#27 Schönbrunn Palace - Vienna, Austria

Photo by SKB.

Pose by Freya-Vhal.

#28 Lake Malawi - Mozambique

Photo by CapturedOnce.

Pose by

#29 Praia do Camilo - Lagos, Portugal

Photo by Artem Evdokimov.

Pose by

#30 Drakensberg - KZN, South Africa

Photo by Emdomeni Lodge.

Pose by

#31 Vatnajökull National Park - Iceland

Photo by Anna Om.

Pose by

#32 Quilotoa Lake - Cotopaxi, Ecuador

Photo by Ashray.

Pose by

#33 Lamanai Archaeological Reserve - Cayo District, Belize

Photo by Anton Ivanov.

Pose by

#34 Fairy Pools - Skye Island, Scotland

Photo by Tour Skye.

Pose by

#35 Avenue of the Baobabs - Morondava, Madagascar

Photo by Touristic Routes.

Pose by

#36 Cliffs of Moher - Munster, Ireland

Photo by Otts World.

Pose by

#37 Aggtelek National Park - Hungary

Photo by Tainar.

Pose by

Extra #02 Lake Tahoe - California/Nevada

Photo by

Pose by Snorlaxin.

3D Models

Kizuna AI Official PMX Model by Morikura En / Tomitake / TDA.

Naoko Hirata. I don't have a model, so I make a drawing of myself and then insert it next to Kizuna AI.